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And my sister packed up the games without telling me, when I wanted to play before we would have no TV for a friggin week. This sucks I don't want to move.

Короткометражка, комедия. Режиссер: Соня Монро. В ролях: Соня Монро, Oliver Cohen, Крэйг С. Чен и др. Музыка: Соня Монро. Продюсер: Соня Монро.

Dreams suck. And the better a dream is, the more you enjoy it while you're having it, the more it will suck when you wake up and realize it isn't real.

Chapter 2: This Dream Sucks, Episode 3 of The Black Rose in LINE Webtoon. "It's so cold... Did I leave my window open?

...new place. i finally got it and now i feel connected again. hahahaha. damn i am sucked in to the cyber world known. i am truly lucky. i thank the universe for sending me the dreamiest dream girl in the...

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] today sucks! i woke up to the power going on and off and on and off then my dad was like we are leaving at She had the man of her dreams And some success And she was so happy, and looking...

and sucking his neck.he turned over cus he was tired and i was still on top but giving him a said it back i was like aaaawwwww/yyyyeeessssss! that had to of been the best dream i have ever had.

this.. it will never happen but one can dream.. ohhh yea.. i won a vacation cruise to the bahamas for 2... im work has been meh as well.. work too much for too little pay.. i did get a raise but it still sucks.

Working to achieve your dream isn't easy. We all know that. But what about when your dream is right within reach, it's there, but suddenly it seems like...

Everyone has a dream for their life, unfortunately not everyone's dream comes to pass. There are enemies to your dream but you can be victorious and live the life you desire to live.

an expression of the inexpressible. = dream house. sucks. seth: that sucks. brian: that... is wierd. three seperate cases of nausea in three seperatly strange individules.

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This Dream Sucks... by Hemuset. Folder: OCs « Older Newer ». I had a dream that was related to Uncharted, and it was really intense, as well as lengthy.

You know what fucking sucks? I got reported on AOL and now my account is kicked off, and my mom will probably delete my screen name.
Скриншот : Love Is Just A Dream...